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Jeanet Hönig is a well-known floor-artist. She is the only artist to create large-scale floor artworks of up to 6000 square metres around the globe using cast resin. She studied design and art in Paris and Tokyo and has been on the move ever since, due in no small part to the fact that as well as being a painter, she is much soughtafter as creative consultant. Her visionary ideas are an inspiration for an entire industry today. Bayer, BASF, Bolidt, Sika, STO, Henkel, Arturo, just to mention a few has been consulted by her.

I am a leading expert in colour aesthetics and spatial orientation, and indeed colour and space are the two parameters which define every aspect of my work. Colour is a visual experience that subconsciously affects our function and emotion. Space is a psychological experience that subconsciously affects both our orientation and our safety. Disorientation affects our inner truth and our well-being, this signifies orientation is more important today than ever, knowing where you are means to be aware of oneself. This is as true for a person as it is for a company or a society. Book me as a Keynote speaker for your company event.

There is a deep interconnection between everything that exists, with no beginning or end. We are what we think. Everything that we are is the result of our thoughts. Our thoughts are how we create the world. Our world is what we see. Sometimes we are so attached to what is known, that we neglect the potential of the unfamiliar. Contemporary art makes an important contribution to culture by reflecting the mood of the times. It underscores visionary thinking and encapsulates the image, values and expression of an individual or a company. Book me as a creative coach for visionary thinking and development of new ideas.

Many of us are too fixated on their intellectual competence in their careers and have lost their visionary power in the process. The truth is that when a CEO position is filled, it is not by the one with the most competence, but by the one with the most visionary power. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t made you successful, then you need to do something different now. As a creative coach I help you to step out of the box with extraordinary creativity. Book you’re free consultation now.


Keep your head in the sky,
and your feet on the floor.

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