My contribution to the world is to give people a good feeling, wherever they happen to come across my art. 

My aim is to make people feel happy in their lives by creating a pleasant ambiance. I think that the world gets a little better every day if the environment that is shaped by human hand has an underlying grace and optimism. An aesthetically beautiful atmosphere can make a huge contribution to improving quality of life.

Correspondingly, this means that beautiful minds live in a beautiful world. And in making a contribution to a friendlier and more pleasant environment, I create the floor to provide a friendly and optimistic outlook in people, who will be driven on this by this spirit and will protect and nurture both themselves and the beauties and wonders of our world. This explains what I am trying to encapsulate in my slogan: “art by Jeanet Hönig – for a beautiful mind“.

Artist Jeanet Hönig 

Jeanet Hönig has been living in Switzerland for the past 17 years. Born in Germany with Dutch roots, she studied design and art in Paris and Tokyo and has been on the move ever since, due in no small part to the fact that as well as being a painter, she is a much sought-after floor-artist. Many years ago, she began to develop techniques for implementing artistic designs on floorings. Since then, she has gone on to realise large-scale floor artworks, often stretching over several hundred square metres, around the world, for example at BASF in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey and Belgium, for Escada in Germany, Shell in The Netherlands, for the E-trade Bank in the USA and Planet Discovery in Lebanon. She paints using watering cans and works primarily with polyurethane (or PU for short), which is a twin component resin.

Even though the designs of the orders that she receives for art-on-floor projects are always tailored to the individual wishes and ideas of the client, her style is unmistakable. Intensive, pure colors in combination with the typical Jeanet Hönig of ‘circles’ and ‘lifelines’ are the design elements that make her works of art so unique. Jeanet literally has her own imprint.

Quotes from Jeanet Hönig

  • „I believe the world would be a better place if everyday items were artistically designed to express beauty and happiness in a unique way.“
  • „It’s always about giving the people who encounter my art a good attitude towards life …“
  • „I firmly believe that harmony is a deeply human need.“
  • „But harmony, both in the way we live together and in the design of our surroundings, must be cultivated.“
  • „I think the world gets a little better every day when the human environment is characterized by grace and optimism. A beautiful ambience can contribute a lot to a better quality of life.“